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They say you're not supposed to, but...

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They say you're not supposed to, but...

Here's my electrified Back To Basics mill.  Another evening of camping and experimenting with 12 volts!

Electrified Mill

Electrified Mill top view


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Mary Fisher

Why not just turn a handle by hand? 

Doesn't use fossil fuel :-)


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Solar charged battery? Its always interesting to see inventions whether born from necessity or just because you can.

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It's great that now you have the option of cranking by hand, OR using a tiny amount of electricity (probably less than the amount used by a computer to post on TFL!) to grind quickly when you are in a hurry and don't have all night to grind grain.  I understand the B2B mill takes up to 4 minutes per cup.

I myself would like a backup handle for my golden grain mill, but I'm sure glad I can quickly grind the grains I need to make healthy bread for my family.  With little kids, making the time to bake is the hardest part.

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It's my camping set up, and that includes 640 watts of solar and a wind turbine.  The motor/gearbox is from a Quickie P200 wheelchair, and runs half speed @ 12 volts.  The drive shaft is a 3/8 short socket extension.  Just fooling around with my toys.

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That's terriffic - I've seen quite a few setups and "inventions" when it comes to powering a grain mill, but I can't say I've ever seen someone motorize the Back to Basics mill!  It's always such a trade off when you have a hand crank mill, how long it takes to run... but the electrics are large and bulky and obviously impossible to use sans power...

I think that motorizing a hand mill is one of the better ways to go...



Hand Crank Grain Mill