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Need help from Bosch Universal Plus mixer owners

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Need help from Bosch Universal Plus mixer owners

Hi, everyone, this is my very first post here. I found this amazing baking community while I was searching for my new Bosch mixer.

My bosch mixer is still on its way to my home. I ordered a unit w/o blender but with an extra Stainless Steel bowl (MUZ6SB3) which has 3 pins. I just found an important notes on the other website that the 3pin bowl can only work with splash ring on the original style Universal mixer.


Can someone who owns a Universal Plus mixer tell me how many pins there are on the plastic bowl?


Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas!!

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If the part number you cited is what you ordered, it is made for the newer "Universal Plus" model. It works fine with the cover that comes on the plastic bowl.

It's a good choice. It's easier to clean than the plastic bowl.


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Thanks David!

I found the user manual of Universal Plus Mixer, but didn't find any info about the pins on its splash ring.

I got a little bit of worried by this notes on Pleasant Hill Grain website. The website where I got my mixer writes SB3 bowl will fit both Universal & Plus mixers. They do carry the other SS bowl with 4pins with original price of $90.

Hope the owners of Plus mixer can help me find out how many pins there are on your plus mixer.

Bosch makes two bowls that look nearly identical, MUZ6SB3 and the MUZ6SB4. If you have an older-style Universal mixer, you need to order the MUZ6SB3. If you have the newer Universal Plus model, then you need to order the MUZ6SB4. The difference between those two items is the lugs at the top of the bowl, for splash-ring attachment; one takes the splash ring from the older Universal, and the other takes the splash ring from the Universal Plus. (The images above are all actually photos of the MUZ6SB3 bowl.)