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What country do you live in?

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What country do you live in?

As a newcomer to this site, I am always interested in where the people live who contribute to any forum . I came up with idea by reading the post from Finland..So.. how about we put the state or province and country where we live with a short explanation of where that might be .


I live in Tabasco, Mexico. Just below the Gulf of Mexico, midway between Cancun and Mexico city.

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I'm from Down Under!

 I'm an aussie Mate!...........and no we dont talk like that......not sll of us.  

 Well, I dont. :S 



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I live in the Cleveland Ohio (US) area.  It is located on the shore of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes.  If you drew a line between New York City and Chicago, Cleveland would be at the midpoint of that line.  Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs have a population of about 1 million,  and exactly one (1) free-standing artisanal bakery!

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For the curious, here is the percent of people from various locations that have visited this site. This is based on Google analytics data, which isn't perfect but is pretty good.

This is for the month of November.

United States 69.04
Canada 7.99
United Kingdom 5.96
Australia 2.29
Germany 1.33
Israel 0.99
Singapore 0.97
Italy 0.7
New Zealand 0.64
India 0.52
Malaysia 0.51
Netherlands 0.5
Mexico 0.49
France 0.46
Philippines 0.42
Japan 0.37
Sweden 0.36
South Africa 0.36
Ireland 0.34
Turkey 0.29
Spain 0.28
Norway 0.22
Finland 0.22
Greece 0.2
Austria 0.18
Brazil 0.18
Belgium 0.17
China 0.16
Slovenia 0.16
Switzerland 0.16
Thailand 0.15
Korea Republic of 0.15
Denmark 0.15
Poland 0.13
Lebanon 0.12
Hong Kong 0.12
Indonesia 0.11
Saudi Arabia 0.11
Romania 0.1
Portugal 0.1
Russian Federation 0.1
Vietnam 0.08
Taiwan 0.08
United Arab Emirates 0.08
Venezuela 0.08
Argentina 0.07
Satellite Provider 0.07
Bulgaria 0.06
Chile 0.06
Europe 0.06
Iran Islamic Republic of 0.06
Egypt 0.06
Kuwait 0.06
Malta 0.06
Croatia 0.05
Hungary 0.05
Colombia 0.05
Puerto Rico 0.05
(not set) 0.05
Costa Rica 0.04
Czech Republic 0.04
Brunei Darussalam 0.04
Iceland 0.04
Barbados 0.04
Bahamas 0.04
Yugoslavia 0.03
Trinidad and Tobago 0.03
Pakistan 0.03
Panama 0.03
Bermuda 0.03
Peru 0.03
Guam 0.03
Nigeria 0.03
Kenya 0.02
Dominican Republic 0.02
Ukraine 0.02
Lithuania 0.02
Mauritius 0.02
Myanmar 0.02
Belize 0.02
Macedonia 0.02
Estonia 0.02
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0.01
Cayman Islands 0.01
Latvia 0.01
Slovakia 0.01
El Salvador 0.01
Yemen 0.01
Virgin Islands U.S. 0
Bolivia 0.01
Bahrain 0.01
Ghana 0.01
Jamaica 0.01
Ecuador 0.01
Uganda 0.01
Oman 0.01
Guatemala 0.01
Zimbabwe 0.01
Guyana 0.01
Cyprus 0.01
Morocco 0.01
Netherlands Antilles 0.01
Luxembourg 0.01
Jordan 0.01
Uruguay 0.01
Aruba 0.01
Northern Mariana Islands 0.01
Ethiopia 0.01
Sri Lanka 0.01
Maldives 0.01
Asia/Pacific Region 0.01
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 0.01
Gibraltar 0.01
Suriname 0.01
Grenada 0.01

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WTG Floyd! I feel confident in saying that this is a most awesome web site and FLOYD should feel very proud at how far his efforts have reached!  I've made a long journey ..from Tokyo, Connecticut and then the last 3 years in Oregon.

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I'm a Texas native now living in Kazakhstan--yep, the same place that Borat has made infamous!! I love to bake and the bread here is to die for. Hope to learn much from this site and meet others. Sposiba!

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Hi Floyd

It would be interesting to see where the traffic is coming from these days, any chance of an update?

Cheers, Robyn

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Sure thing.  Here are the top 100 locations:

Country % of Visitors
United States 64.97
Canada 9.53
United Kingdom 7.69
Australia 3.58
New Zealand 1
Singapore 0.8
India 0.78
Germany 0.63
Ireland 0.61
Malaysia 0.59
South Africa 0.52
France 0.45
Philippines 0.44
Spain 0.41
Italy 0.41
Israel 0.38
Netherlands 0.29
China 0.29
Sweden 0.28
Mexico 0.27
Hong Kong 0.24
Japan 0.24
Taiwan 0.24
United Arab Emira... 0.23
Switzerland 0.19
Indonesia 0.18
Denmark 0.17
Brazil 0.17
Norway 0.16
Greece 0.16
Belgium 0.15
Thailand 0.15
Korea, Republic of 0.14
Romania 0.14
Turkey 0.14
Finland 0.14
Ukraine 0.13
Russian Federation 0.13
Poland 0.13
Egypt 0.11
Saudi Arabia 0.1
Portugal 0.1
Pakistan 0.08
Croatia 0.08
Anonymous Proxy 0.08
Czech Republic 0.07
Trinidad and Tobago 0.07
Austria 0.07
Argentina 0.06
Hungary 0.06
Satellite Provider 0.06
Vietnam 0.06
Serbia 0.06
Lithuania 0.06
Malta 0.06
Jamaica 0.05
Bulgaria 0.05
Qatar 0.05
Slovenia 0.05
Latvia 0.05
Estonia 0.05
Bahamas 0.05
Peru 0.04
Kuwait 0.04
Costa Rica 0.04
European Union 0.04
Puerto Rico 0.04
Lebanon 0.04
Slovakia 0.03
Cyprus 0.03
Colombia 0.03
Iran,... 0.03
Panama 0.03
Iceland 0.03
Nigeria 0.03
Chile 0.03
Kenya 0.03
Jordan 0.03
Guam 0.03
Ghana 0.03


Traffic-wise, January was a record for TFL with about 1.3 million pages served to 290 thousand unique visitors worldwide.

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of the world - wow!


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Very interesting. 

Thanks Floyd,



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Matt Morgan

About an hour and a half south of Washington DC.

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London UK!

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 Hi Jill Hogdes. London my home town, I was born in Fulham, I now live in the Niagara Peninsula, Canada. 15 minutes drive from Niagara Falls..... qahtan 

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Where is Satellite Provider? Are there people baking on the Space Station? :)


Zeb, Bristol, UK

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Watertown is about 8 miles from Boston along the Charles River in Massachusetts. Heart of New England. Love it!

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when I go home to canada I will be in Dundas, halfway between the falls and TO!!!

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Hot and humid Singapore

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 South Carolina that is.

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St Louis, Mo

I'm also new to the site and I'm affraid I have some practicing to do to keep up with the lot of you.  Novice to Know-it-all, thats my goal!

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After living a whole life in Chicago, I'm now living in Central New Jersey, half-way between New York City and Philadelphia.

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Hey, Merrybaker! I too am a native Chicagoan who left to work in Central Jersey. Now, I live in Cincinnati, on the banks of the mighty Ohio River. Which is lovely but does not avert chronic, irreparable homesickness for Home. 


"I am not a cook. But I am sorta cooky."

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I looked at this thinking it was about JERSEY - Channel Islands - UK !!! Alas! 

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Clifton Park, NY is the birthplace of the Super Peel!  About midway between New York City and Montreal.  We delight in being able to send this product worldwide!  So far Super Peels are alive and well in the following countries (not quite as impressive as Floyd's List!!!!):







New Zealand





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Beautiful, sunny Caracas, Venezuela. South America

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Toronto, Canada!

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g'day...another Aussie here- Melbourne, Vic....and new to this site.

V ...

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Natives of the Chicago area, we haved lived in Schaumburg (NW of o'Hare field) for 34 years but now spend Oct. to May in Fort Meyers on the Gulf coast of Florida.

Anyone from our sister city in Germany?




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Thanks for the great responses everyone. Please keep them coming.

Nice to see there are so many new people here also.

I am surprised by some of the results Floyd posted, namely placement of Ireland on the list. I always assumed that cooler countries would have more bread bakers that some of the warmer climates.

I am travelling north, some 13 hours, 3 airports and two planes on Thursday. so my posts will be few and far between until I return to Mexico on December 21.

The good news is I am going to continue with the ciabatta experiments in my sisters and mothers homes...which are cool in comparison to mine.

Until then..

regards from Tabasco Mexico

ps- a big hello to the Toronto baker...just up the road from Dundas. I land in Pearson.


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I am from a small town called Whitinsville, about 30 miles southwest of Boston, RedSox country baby !!!  Northeast USA, Home of where if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes, it will change, November 28th now and it is 60 degrees.

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I live in Naperville, Illinois which is 30 miles south and west of Chicago.

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Hi everyone!    I live in Davenport, Iowa which is on the Iowa/Illinois border.   We live where the Mississippi river runs east-west instead of north-south.

I'm slooooooooowly learning about sourdough bread baking and am still making more mistakes than successes...oh well!

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I call the Portland, OR area home but I'm currently in SE Washington...not too close to anything of note, except 3 colleges :P  I too am intrtigued to see where all the visitors to this forum are from.  Please keep posting those insights, questions, and recipes...wherever you're from! :D

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About midway between Allentown and Reading, an hour and a quarter northwest of Philadelphia.

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Pedro Pan

Which being only 8 miles from the White House makes us a suburb of Washington, DC.  We have a lot of decent restaurants in Bethesda, but no real local artisanal bakery.

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Just introduced myself in another post here...

Phoenicia, NY in the heart of the beautiful Catskill High Peaks - they're not the Alps but they're still pretty nice...and 2 hours from Manhattan. Dan Leader's Bread Alone Bakery is just a few miles down the road in Boiceville.

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I live in Seattle--There must be more bakers here, but I don't personally know any. You can buy excellent artisan breads here, maybe that's why nobody bothers.

I lived in Mexico (Guadalajara) from '86-'90 and may return soon to retire. Can one buy organic grains there? Not flour, but berries?

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Been in Ak or 1.5 years, originally from NY and missing the bakeries there- esp.old time bagels. So, been trying to bake my own. Love this site, great ideas and info. Have made 8 loaves of no-knead bread, and all were wonderful. Still working on the bagels though!

Thanks for such great inspiration!

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I am actually a New Zealander and NZ is 2000 miles across the 'ditch' (read The Tasman Sea) from the East Coast of Australia. I live in a country district on the West Coast of the South Island. My cafe is 30km south of here in Greymouth and I'm trying to encourage the curiosity of my clientele as I introduce various yeast baking products from recipes here. it's a bit of a slow job but at least my staff get enthused! Barrytown, where I live, is an old gold-mining settlement and there is still gold in them there hills here on our property. One bakery in Greymouth has recently experienced an epiphany and is now making real ciabatta, rye loaves etc. The chief baker and I chat about yeast cookery often and he has given me a good rating for my bagels!

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I live in Taranto, Italy

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Hi Enza,
I have fond memories of Italia during my U.S. NAVY years.  Especially the PIZZA dough.  It was soft and moist with great taste.  The toppings were tomatoes, spices, and grated cheese.  Very unlike American pizza.   Could you send a recipe or explain real ITALIAN pizza. 

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Hello, All,


I'm a Texan transplanted to Kazakhstan for the next 2 years.  K. used to be a part of the Soviet Union and is a huge country with a lot of potential especially in the oil industry.  Yes, we're the country that Borat has made infamous.  I love to bake especially bread and the local bread here is to die for.  Will post recipes as I learn how to make them.  Looking  forward to meeting and posting here.  Sposiba!!

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Originally from Russia but raised in Argentina and now I live in Australia (going up in smoke)

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A wee little farming community, I think the pop. is about 150 or so, an hour from Hamilton or St Catharines. That Super Peel does look awful inviting!

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I'm in California, in the San Francisco bay area. Gotta love the wild yeasties around here!

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I'm an ex-pat Irishman, raised in Canada, now living in Atenas, Costa Rica.

The local bread is not all that great which explains why I decided to pursue the baking crafts on my own. I'm using Floyd's Italian bread as a "base" from which to learn - must have made 200 loaves by now!

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Okay, Windsor Heights, a suburb. Des Moines has some tasty bread-- South Union Bakery, Basil Prosperi, La Mie. It inspires me to learn how. I want mine to be that good!

I have to confess that when I'm not baking my own, I spend less time supporting the small guys and buy Pane Turano at my supermarket, baked in Berwyn IL (West Chicago).  


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A real bread and pizza lover , love this website.

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After living almost half a century in NYC and having access to every wonderful bread I could possibly have I am now down south, where crust is something you get when the bread is old..........not something you strive for!! So to that end I have started trying to make ours and have developed quite a few people that beg for it now. Also doing our own thin crust pizza.......again unhead of here, but those I have shared it with are loving it. mattie

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My town of Burlington is a little suburb of less traffic between the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) and the Triad (Greensboro/Winston Salem/High Point). I have to travel to find an artisanal bakery, so I mostly make my own breads and pizza. This is one of the best sites for the home baker on the internet. Thank you, Floyd!  Teresa

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Here in Netanya we have a few artisan bakeries that have opened in the last year and are all doing very well - but however good their breads are it's not like homemade!

I'd be happy to hear from any local's for a "bread chat".

Love this site & hope to be a frequent user.


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SuzanneB, are we neighbors?...  ;)

I love this site !

Bread baking is my hobby,

Chanit from :

Trishinomaha's picture

Chanit - Just popped over to look at your lemonginger website - it looks like a great site! So many yummy recipes to try. I've added it to my bloglines feed. Thanks!

Trish in Omaha, NE USA

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Happy Holidays to all.  I am new here.  My name is Jan. My husband & I live in southeastern Wisconsin, USA. Our home is about 30 miles southwest of downtown Milwaukee.  I have a special interest in whole grain breads, tho I love most cooking and baking.  I also raise parrots and work as an accountant.

I am looking forward to reading and participating in this forum.


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I am originally from upstate Pennsylvania in a little town called Bradford.  I moved to Philly,  then back to Bradford, then Texas, and now for the last 17 years I have settled in Dover, Delaware.  We are located about an hour and 15 min south of Philadelphia, 2 hours from Baltimore, Md, 3 hrs from DC and 4 hours from NYC.  It is a great location inland but only an hour from the ocean.   We don't have a true bakery here in town any more since the last original one closed 8 months ago.  All we are left with are the grocery store bakeries that try to do Artisan.  I prefer to do my own and am getting better results all the time...

Happy Holidays to all!!

 Rena in Delaware

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Drifty Baker

I now live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  I am originally from North Dakota and have lived in Idaho, California, Virginia, Wyoming, New Jersey, and Iowa.  One of these days I will settled down and stay put.  I have been baking bread as a hobby for over ten years. 

TRK's picture

I am originally from Northern CA, lived in Oregon (Corvallis) for 7 years, and now live in Monterey.  

Susan's picture

I'm originally from Raleigh, NC, thru Houston, TX and Sacramento, CA to San Diego where we've lived for 10 years.  I grew weary of all the "ingredients" in storebought bread, so started making my own.  Sourdough intrigues me for its simplicity and complexity, and it tastes delicious.  I'm happy to be in such good company!
SD Susan

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I currently live just outside of Memphis, Tennessee.......native Texan origianlly from the Dallas area.  Have been in Tennessee for over 20 years now.  Have been baking bread going on 26 years.


slaughlin's picture

Steve here in the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota.  More precisely Spearfish SD, USA

Trishinomaha's picture

Truly God's Country. My husband and I try to make it up there at least every other year. It's a mystical place!

 Trish in Omaha, NE

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 I am from Hong Kong and I am glad to know there are 0.12 viewing this web so I am not alone. I love this blog which is so useful and helpful as well as interesting to read.


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hello everyone.  i just found this site while i was waiting for some loaves in the oven.  right now i'm working as a baker at mcmurdo station in antarctica.  i'm originally from new york city, but i've also baked in colorado (denver), idaho (boise), hong kong (aberdeen), and vietnam (ho chi minh city).

TRK's picture

Hi pflee!  I work at a research station in Monterey.  Some of our researchers go to McMurdo every year.  What a small world.



phflee's picture

mcmurdo's great!  this is my first season but it's winding down in a couple of weeks, i hope to come down for a few more!  and definitely no overnight deliveries (we can get postal deliveries in about 10 days though).  in fact all of our dry goods come once a year, during a period called "vessel offload" and that's about to happen next week.

sphealey's picture

> ight now i'm working as a baker at mcmurdo

> station in antarctica.


I imagine no overnight deliveries from King Arthur Flour for you, even if you pay the extra shipping charge!



louise19973's picture

I grew up outside of Philadelphia.  Moved to the Phoenix area almost 14 years ago.  Bread baking has become my biggest hobby since Bakeries are few and far between in Arizona(so happy to find out the King Arthur no longer charges by the pound for shipping!). 

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Brand new to the list, I live in tropical North Queensland. Stuck indoors because it's somewhat damp out there. We have had half a metre of rain in the last four days! A newby, I am really enjoying Floyd's tutorials as well as my experiments with the NYT bread.


maggie664's picture

Hi there, you also from down under! I live across the ditch. One of my staff is returning soon from Townsville to-morrow so I guess I'll hear about the rain! Welcome to the artisan baking world! 

maggie664's picture

What proofing facilities have you got down there?

auzziewog's picture

I suppose you take it to bed with you

phflee's picture

mcmurdo's a big station.  we feed about a 1000 souls.  some of the equipment is old (like our sheeter, circa 70s), but it all works.  we've got 2 proofboxes (i think they're actually food-holding cabinets because the temp settings start at 80F and go up to 120F) that are actually hooked up to a waterline so that you don't have to manually refresh the well in the bottom.  each box will hold 7 sheet trays or 14 strap pans.

auzziewog's picture

well almost - I am in Sydney downunder and I just started baking bread after reading the "NYT No Knead bread recipe reprinted in the Sydney Morning Herald 2 weeks ago so I am now on my 4th loaf with this recipe and I just discovered this website and will be making more loaves so to speak - I love cooking and coffee = women too - I is a bloke afterall





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I'm from Lakeville, IN, which is around a 20-30 minute drive from Notre Dame.  There are some good bakeries around here, but I still haven't found one with unforgettable bread.  If any of you know of a great bakery in this area, I'd love to hear about it.

Noche's picture

Perhaps God is trying to tell you something.

maggie664's picture

Aussiewog, your lateral thinking is commendable, but try focusing on bread baking

maggie664's picture

Phlee, Thank you for the info. i am really impressed and enlightened. It sure beats imported frozen bread!

Rick2u's picture

Timmins is located about 500 miles (700Km) North of Toronto. Chilly up here. -34 C. tonight. We are the home of Shania Twain and Steve Sullivan (Nashville Preditors NHL) and various other hockey players. A long winter will do that.

Love this site and am learning more every day. Into sourdough presently. 

To do it right, do it yourself.

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Thanks for the great responses everyone.

And to the newcomers, welcome.

I scrolled down the responses and counted the subject headings, not including my own two there were 68!!

I hope this site remains the friendly and informative and postive place that encourages people in the quest for great bread baking...

Be well everyone. 

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I'm originally from Long Island, NY, the land of great bakeries.  My husband & I moved to Summerville, SC, 20 miles outside of Charleston 10 years ago.  The bread situation here was dismal but improving somewhat.  I still travel as often as possible to LI to see family and of course to stop at my favorite bagel place to pick up bagels and other baked goods to sustain us until our next trek up north.  I'm a new bread baker and having fun lurking/learning.   Thanks, Floyd for a great site.

sadears's picture

Just over 6 thousand feet.  Baking anything is most definitely a challenge.



auzziewog's picture

Ill try Maggie - You have a cafe!!!!!!!!!!!! - my dream  - my passion is cooking coffee - now bread and women so you see I have already changed the order 

martin's picture

Malaysia. I came here from the UK five years ago. Malaysia is located in South East Asia, South of Thailand and North of Singapore.

My wife and I bake Organic Breads.

Trishinomaha's picture

Hello from frigid Omaha, NE USA where we have worked our way up to a whopping 6 degrees F at 11:45 AM central time. We are located just about in the middle of the United States on the Mighty Missouri River, just across from Council Bluffs, IA. North of Kansas and South of South Dakota with Colorado to our West. Omaha has a population of about 750,00. I have my first two loaves of sourdough rising as we speak. Can't wait to bake and see how they turn out but I'm being patient - the hardest part of bread making for me!. Love this site and hoping to learn a lot. Husband and I are doing Floyd's lesson #1 this afternoon.

Happy baking all!

Trish in Omaha

gianfornaio's picture

I'm originally from Council Bluffs. Do you have favorite local bakers? I'm glad to see that what was Dharma bakery is back up and around-- my sister in CB swears by their Old Market Sourdough. I heard there was a really good French baker in Dundee somewhere too, but have never come across his shop...  

GingerP's picture

chesapeake, VA.  Im native to virginia Beach.  Its the south eastern coast of Virginia, USA

caribbaker's picture

very nice web site!  I have recently moved here to Nevis and have met no one to really talk baking with.  I am happy to have found The Fresh Loaf. 


Uisgea's picture

Hello, all!


I've lived most of my life in Texas, but I also have managed to have lived in Mexico (Chihuahua, en Ciudad Juarez), Arkansas, North Carolina, New York, Florida, other parts of Texas, Vermont, California, Maryland, and Indiana.


I'm in Indiana now, and I can't wait to move back to Texas--or Cali or Vermont or anywhere else.





Uisgea's picture

I am very fond of Mexican bread, by the way--when the French invaded Mexico and then split, they left behind them a few culinary pointers, including bread making.  Emperor Maximilian--one of Napoleon's toads--was an absolute dud as a ruler, but his influence left some nice baking trends, which have become custom in Mexico.


Lousy and lamentable attempt at colonialization; very good bread.


Also wonderful bread to be found at some Native American bakeries--baked in relatively short time in mud stoves called "chimineas"--in and around the Acoma Pueblo.


The loaves come out of a tandoori-looking oven, looking like traditional boules, but have the shattery brown crust of French loaves and an interior that reminds me very much of the very best sourdough.


We went to the Acoma Pueblo several times a year when I was a kid, and bought loaves from reticent and grumpy stove-tenders, and kept the left loaves in our freezer, where they did quite well.


I wish that I had a slice of that holey, cratered, brown/soft Acoma bread in my toaster right now--with a drizzle of miel tres dulces (super sweet honey) from Durango.




inspsfj's picture

I'm a retired Army SFC in Lodi, CA.  Grew up helping mom bake bread for the 7 of us kids in LA/Gardena.  Gosh I miss the food in LA.  Love to try something new.  Had french bread in Paris, Brotchen in West Berlin, and wonderful Pita in Israel.  Dutch cheese and Bavarian Beir are to die for. I wouldn't eat locally in Cairo.  Spain had great bakeries.  And most of all the sourdough starter was a breeze to get started.  Relax take a deep breath and do it.  If it won't work, relax, take a breath and try again.  Waiting for a good flavor to build is the killer!

Sylviambt's picture

Hi all.  I've really enjoyed reading the entries, and feeling just how wide this community reaches.

I was born and mispent my teen years in NYC, moved to MN in the early 70s , hopped to West Virginia for a couple of years, and then came back to the frigid 'Mini-Apple" (Minneapolis) for a couple of decades.  I've lived in Amery, WI the last five years.  I picked up baking in the early 70s (along with soybean stews and carrot juice, and organic gardening).  But the really passionate (more like obsessive) baking started just one year ago. I'm so glad for the conversations and advice on this site.  

Thanks, Floyd.



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 Apologies in the delay of any response from me, (I feel this is warranted as it was I who initiated this thread).

My modem threw a hissy fit so I was without a pc for a week. Trying to say the least.

However, I did buy some new enamel pots and baked some NYT no knead bread. Someone had suggested using AP flour instead of cornmeal or wheat bran, and it worked just fine. Thank you!!  (cornmeal is not available in my area)

I will try the new photo uploading system later on. 

I find this facscinating to read all of these posts . So much so, I am considering getting a map and plotting the entries...

 The difficulty here in southern mexico would be finding a map...I have never seen one in any store. Perhaps that is an item I will being from on my next trip to Canada in May.

Someone mentioned mexican bread. I agree the bread here is wonderful. But I long for a chewy crust, chewier than the bolillos that are made at the bakery. Next time I go I will snap some pictures of the products available ...

Bye for now, 

Tabasco Mexico 

Trishinomaha's picture

Bean - I think we'd all love to see some photos of the local Mexican bread. I love looking at all the bread pictures on this site. Don't cha' think it's kind of like bread Po*n? ...lolol

Best from cold and windy Omaha, NE...


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Bob Johnsen

Greetings from Uppsala, 42 km north of Stockholm. Been living here since 1959, but first 21 years growing up in Philadelphia, PA. My entire history of baking goes back 1 week with my first try with NYTimes no-knead bread. Hope to get into more varied bread making via info on this site!

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I grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey. Have lived here in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the last 29 years. Have been baking breads and rolls for the last 4 years now. I do most of my baking using pre-ferments, with both Diastatic and Non-Diastatic Barley Malt powders, primarily in a cloche or long-baker, in a convection oven or if using steam, in a gas oven. I only found this site yesterday, and would like to thank all for the great and useful information it contains.

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From the U.S... :] Came from New York though, I'm a city girl!

Dairy's picture


I was born and raised in St. Louis but now that I'm a college student I am now living in Columbia, Missouri.

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I'm new here (as well as to bread baking) and I'm from just outside Toronto, Ontario.... a place called Newmarket. I see there are other Canadians here who must share in my "lack of supplies" frustration.

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Great to see and be a part of a truly international group.


Originally a Hoosier, grew up in Southern California, now living the good life in Oregon.  

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My wife and I live in this small community about 30 miles SW of Milwaukee. I have lived all over the world but mostly Michigan, New York, Massachusetts and Wisconsin. I have been looking at The Freshloaf" for a couple Months and love the feel of it. Before I was not a baker. Now I at least know what one is. The generous visitors on this site know how much we love the bread.



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I live in British Columbia on Vancouver Island/Canada.  I was born and raised in a pulp&paper mill town(powell River) on the B>C> coast.  My parents emigrated from Udine, Italy.  I have been bread baking all my life.  I've just retired from 40years with Canada Safeway.  I now bake up a storm..give bread that I make to anyone who says hi to me.  Is anyone else out there from friul?

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to all the new people .

As someone who did not grow up with computers, I find them an endless source of joy when it allows me to participate in this manner with people, literally, from all over the globe.

 The "global village" come together over bread and our desire for a perfect crumb...(smiling)

 Regards from southern mexico. 



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Glad to meet all of you! I live just northeast of Akron, Ohio, very near Kent State University but out in the country.  I grew up one hour due north of here, next to Lake Erie, but stayed here after college.  Have done a bit of traveling in the world, but never lived abroad for more than 6 months.  I envy the people who have!  


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I live in  Pittsburgh PA we do have a few great bakeries but I still prefer to make it myself.

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It does seem like our own little world in many respects, and despite popular opinion you'd be hard-pressed to find a latte here without doing some research. It pains me to say there are no deals on King Arthur. We really were an independent republic for a (very short) while back in the 1780s.

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We love everything about Vermont. But we live in Medina County Ohio which is also nice and we have a lot of family here.                         weavershouse

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Hi, I recently moved to San Diego after a few years in beautiful Monterey, CA.  I am originally from Saranac, NY (near Plattsburgh and Lake Placid).

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Love the site, many thanks for all the great recipes and resources. Made it to Oregon from The Netherlands, passing through Spain (10 years) and Idaho (6 years). Love growing organic fruits and veggies and baking bread, next challenge will be cheese making! I figured by the time I master that, I should be set for life :-) What else does one need but a good loaf of bread and a big chunk of cheese?


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Since you are living in Oregon, how about some wine to go with that bread and cheese? 

Welcome to The Fresh Loaf community.


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Originally from the Netherlands, but here for the last 17 years. Baking since about 6 months.


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I live in Georgia, originally from NYS

Frequent Flyer's picture
Frequent Flyer

...for a long time by way of Arkansas by way of Texas

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Baking every day trying to turn my hobby into a profession and having lots of fun in the meantime. So impressive to see addresses from all over the world, literally.

A few artisnal bakeries here some quite good, but I still prefer trying to bake my own.

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Mary Fisher

... isn't on the list. England.

More specifically, God's Own Country, very many of us Tykes believe in Home Rule for Yorkshire.

United Kingdom or, even worse, Europe, says nothing about me!


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I live in Burleson, Texas, USA. That's just about 15 miles south of Fort Worth (Cowtown).

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I am from Ajax, Ontario Canada. 30 minutes by car east of Toronto. I love this site. I've only made a dozen loaves so far but planning on much more. I am trying to build up the courage to try sourdough as this sites seems to love it. I've traveled all over the world and love seeing different cultures and the people I meet. Love food from all over. So far the best bakeries I've encountered were in Europe, just love looking in their shop windows!!

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I bake bread regularly but am a newbie here.  Joined only a couple of weeks ago. I am from Mumbai, India.  Part of the 0.52%!

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Experimented a few times a couple of years ago with Dan Lepard's recipes until I killed my starter so back again now giving it all a go again with a frozen backup starter just in case I manage to kill it again :D Got Crust and Crumb this time to also practice with. Will make my first bread this weekend. Haven't decided what I'll try just this but I do like Lepard's mill loaf so will probably do that and give a baguette a go. I expect to fail miserably on the baguette.

From Co Down, Northern Ireland so I guess I appear on the UK stats.