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Budget Stone

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Budget Stone

If you are on a budget and looking for a stone, I saw round pizza stones with handles at Big Lots last night for $10.  I'm not sure the quality of these stones, but $10 is a good price if you really need to watch the bottom line and not up for experimenting with floor tiles.  

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I'm not a big fan of handles on my baking stone, but at the price you posted I'd give it a try.  Like you, I'm not convinced that tiles made for uses other than baking are good for anything in the oven.  If they're not manufactured for food use I don't use 'em.

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at Walmart several months ago.  The "handles" were an actual metal cradle to house the baked pizza on the stone.

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"If they're not manufactured for food use I don't use 'em."

So if someone takes the tiles and sticks a sticker on them then they're OK? lol

There's not really any experimenting to be done, you just buy unglazed clay tiles and stick them in your oven. Many many cooks have done it with great results. I walked into Home depot and asked them for unglazed quarry tiles and they gave me a box of them for $10. This covers both racks of my oven and work better than any of the baking stones I've bought (which in time usually crack). After spending money on the last baking stone I moved to tiles.

I had originally planned to sand down the edges to get the gap perfect and bond them to a sheet of metal so they'd all stick together etc. but I found none of that is necessary. You just lay them on the rack and bake on them. It's easy peasy.

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vince hav

i dont know if this store is a chain store or not but i bought a bakeing stone,pizza peel, andn pizza reciepe book combo at a store called Kitchen Collections for $15.  that store has everything i think for such a small store.