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Favorite challah recipes?

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Favorite challah recipes?

Hi everybody, I'm wondering what your favorite Challah recipes are. I'm trying to decide between Reinhart's BBA recipe, this Smitten Kitchen / Joan Nathan recipe, this Maggie Glezer recipe, or something else entirely! Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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Did you see the challah discussion that's currently linked from the front page? You might find some good ones there.

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Yes, thanks, I did but I thought most of it was pretty specific to sourdough versions and I didn't want to hijack the thread. Today I'm not looking for a sourdough challah, but I do think I'll try one next time.

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I love Grandma Rosies challah, she has two variations, a normal one and a super sweet one.


I think somewhere in the middle is best.

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 ... Maggie Glezer's "A Blessing of Bread" recipe (with pumpkin though) a couple of weeks ago; you can read the post about it here. I really liked it and would highly recommend it. You can find the recipe online if you don't have access to the book.

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Edith Pilaf

I like  the Crust & Crumb version better than the BBA version as it is sweeter.  However, I did not care for the yolk glaze -- too egg-y, so I use a whole egg glaze.  I just made Glezer's sourdough challah, and I didn't care for the sourdough tang, and, yes, it was detectible.  Not that it was unpleasant,  but just not what I look for in challah.