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Kneading Time and Speed with stand mixer?

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Kneading Time and Speed with stand mixer?

Hi This is my first foray into a stand mixer. received my VIKING  today and have my first loaves of COUNTRY WHITE BREAD  in the oven now. Smells heavenly in here!!!

I have to say though after yearsr of kneading by hand I was flabbergasted by the lack of time needed for kneading!?!?!? I had the same consistancy as 10 minute hand kneaded bread in less than 2 mins on low speed. If this ok...doesn't it need time while kneading to begin it's rising process or something?

What speed? and how many minutes? do you recommend for kneading yeast doughs : )

Thanks in advance

Cathy (aka gardenchef)

Also I'll post photos if I can figure it out and happy to pass along recipe. My husband's favorite!

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I haven't seem two stand mixers (e.g. Kitchenaide vs Viking) that operate at identical speeds at any given setting.  My KA runs a bit slower than some other stand mixers on its lowest setting but picks up speed more quickly as the setting(s) increase than do some others I've used.

I avoid kneading at any level above #2 with my KA.  That's pretty slow but it does a good job without making the mixer dance all over the countertop.  Most of my yeasted breads knead with the dough hook for about 5 - 8 minutes.  I simply watch for the dough to pull away from the sides (even though it may stick to the bottom slightly) and monitor the surface of the dough for a smooth/shiny appearance and the texture to form a soft pliable dough that I can handle.

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Congrats on your new mixer.  Do make sure to read the operating manual.  It should give you the top mixing speed for bread dough.  

If you come across a recipe that tells you to mix at a speed higher than the operating manual allows - don't do it.