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Just used high gluten bread flour for the first time...

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Just used high gluten bread flour for the first time...

So, I am maybe a year or so in to baking regularly and have lurked here for about 6 months or so...  I had foot surgery about two months ago and needed something I could really fall in love with and do from a chair just to keep me from going I have been reading BBA and trying out recipes from here and there like mad.

Lurking here, I found out about and happily ordered some high gluten flour and a few other wonderful items.  Can I just rave about both the products I got and the GREAT service.  Stuff came quickly and Stan even followed up with me and sent me some wonderful sourdough starter!  I should post pictures but I have had several light airy loves of Potato Rosemary bread, a nutty Multigrain,  some Pulgiese with a pretty decent open crumb, some Sourdough that was crusty and delicious and some wonderful compliments from family at Thanksgiving.

I've always baked with KA Bread flour...but getting that General Mills All Trumps High Gluten really added something to a few of the recipes I had been trying.

Stan, if you read this, thanks again for the great products and service!  Got your email about holiday specials! Can't wait to order some more!