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Hobart A200

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Hobart A200

Does anyone know much about Hobart mixers?  I was given one and it runs great, however the arm part that you attached the beater to is very hard to change out.  So it's hard to remove the wisk or the paddle.  Can I use some type of lubricant to help?  It also has rust up around the top, any ideas?  Thanks!

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Just a thought.  I do not have first-hand experience with the mixer myself, but manufacturers often have downloadable manuals, as well as general advice on maintenance on their websites.

Good luck!


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Hans Krijnen



There is an Food save Lubricant on the market i guess you just have to google it where you can get it. What can help to is clean the inside of the Beater, paddle, and wisk. The rust is that on top of the mixer? if so take the top of sand it good and spray paint it.


Good luck



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Has some info that might help, I've had good luck dealing with local hobart repair shops.