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AS easy as 3-2-1

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will slick

AS easy as 3-2-1

Hello friends, I have been baking up a storm these passed few weeks. Since it would be impossible for my wife and I to eat all the bread I have been making, I have been giving some away to my friends in the building. A few have expressed interest in making there own bread. With this simple formula from lesson one I can whip up a batch of bread dough without ever referring to a recipe, that would make me look like hero! I could show them how with four simple ingredients they to could bake bread. 3cups flour, 2ts yeast, 2ts salt 1+ cups water then reach into the cupboard give it a squirt of honey and maybe a tps of powered milk. I have given up on making the most beautiful bread possible. From now on I will concentrate on average looking bread with above average taste a a perfect crumb. This is last nights batard I used a silicone baking mat as a couch then just lifted the whole thing on to the pan.

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yum! that looks delicious.I don't think I will ever aspire to perfect looking bread, just that it taste great.

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Why didn't I think of the silicone mat?  Makes my baking life so much easier...thanks for the tip.