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Really Sour Sourdough?

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Really Sour Sourdough?

I'm a northern Californian who now lives in Des Moines and there is little sourdough in this part of the least little GOOD sourdough.  I'm wanting to bake my own and love this site.  Any tricks to getting a really sour sourdough???  I'm not looking for a mild sourdough.



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Hi, Scoop.

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There is a good Lesson: Squeeze more sour from your sourdough

Hope this helps.


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I can agree with the post that's mentioned. My sourdough has a peanut butter consistency. It seems to work better that way. After I used some, I feed it with wheat flour (even if I bake rye bread) and let it sit in a warm place, like next to the oven. After it doubled in size and  has a lot of bubbles throughout, I put it into the fridge. It lives there until I bake again. Since I bake every week, it gets fed every week. rye sourdough is more difficult to keep alive / my oppinion. But, it gets a more sour taste. If you don't want to create a rye sourd. you could take some of the wheat sourdough out and feed it with rye flour the day before you bake bread.Rye sourdogh is more sour in taste than wheat sourd. You could bake rye bread, which gets really sour in taste.

good luck, keep me up to date, love to hera what happened