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@ floydm - Is it me, or did something change in forum setup?

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@ floydm - Is it me, or did something change in forum setup?

This evening I see things a little differently than I did this morning. In particular I see some different layouts applied to the "Subscribe", etc. options of topics and blog entries. I also no longer see the formatting bar above the editor for new comments and topics. This makes it tough to do formatting, add links, and to include pictures. I've had no difficulties with this since joining several weeks ago, until this evening. These changes were not apparent this morning. Is it me, or has something been changed on the forum setup? Browser: Firefox 3.1.13, unchanged in several months, and not applying updates. MS Windows XP SP3 with no updates applied in the last three or four days. OldWoodenSpoon


On Edit:  Resolved this myself by clearing out all "private data" in my browser.  That returned my forum rendering to what I am used to seeing.

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Mini Oven

I get "you are not authorized to access this page"  but still tried several times today.

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I got the same message - but I also got little red stars by my name and password spaces! Hurts a girl's feelings to be dumped like that, or was it something I said? A.

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Mini Oven

No stars that I can find.  Interesting....   but I still respond to ooo's and xxx's. 

Maybe the link isn't finished yet...

...the next day...   it works now!    xxx's on Floyd!