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Where To Find Bread, Tucson-Arizona

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Where To Find Bread, Tucson-Arizona

Finding good bread can be a struggle, especially in Tucson. I wanted to write about a place that has fresh baked, blows your mind, authentic bread. This place is La Baguette Parisienne. It is located way on the east side of Tucson. They have all sorts of European breads, fresh baked pastries, and sometimes, if you're lucky, homemade french bread pretzels. My favorite is the Ciabatta, and my boyfriend's is the country french. Really you can't go wrong, and the women who run the place have the temperament of your grandmother. Its kind of a haul for me to get all the way out there but worth the trip. Its also very inexpensive, which is a plus for the poor college student. :)

The address is:7851 East Broadway Boulevard, Tucson AZ

P.S. Make sure to get there early, they sell out of stuff pretty quickly!

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Thanks for the tip! I will have to stop in there when I get myself down to Tucson.

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Brother Juniper

I live about an hour south of Tucson and was hoping to find a good bakery next time I make it into the city.  Thanks for the tip.  I will definately check it out.

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Hey Tucson Bread lovers-


There are new bread offerings in Tucson by a company called Barrio Bread Co.  Their bread is available at the Palomino Farmers Market (Ft. Lowell and Swan) on Saturdays between 10-2.  It is true European bread baked in an Italian Deck oven and prepared using long fermentation to create an amazing crust!  Check it out!  Look for them on Facebook- Barrio Bread

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It sounds delicious and much closer to me. I'll definitely check it out, hopefully this saturday! Thanks :)

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I agree with murphalert about La Baguette Parisienne. It is the best that Tucson has to offer.

Be aware, they do not accept debit or credit cards. Cash and check only!

Bryan Salzman

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We just ate a baguette from The Barrio Bread Company - bought yesterday at the Farmers Market at Plaza Palomino.  Yesterday we ate the ciabatta loaf.  They are outstanding.  The bread rivals anything we've eaten in Europe.  Can't wait to get more next Saturday.  

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Are there any other locations to get bread from The Barrio? Can it be purchased directly from the baking location?

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Somehow had never gone, and yes, they're terrific. thanks!

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Living in Phoenix, but still new"ish" to the Valley.  We ride Motorcycles alot in Tucson.  Will have to bring my bags to bring bread home.  I wonder if there are any decent places around Phoenix?  Somewhere that you can get something not a day old!  I'm not interested in farmers markets where breads were made the day before.. the place in Tucson sounds fantastic.  Will be sure to check them out.