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80% hydration ciabattas

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La masa

80% hydration ciabattas

I thought these ciabattas would make a nice first entry for my brand new blog .

  • 200 gr of  a 100% hydration whole rye poolish (sourdough, of course)
  • 500 gr bread flour (with a pretty high gluten content)
  • 380 gr water
  • 9 gr salt

3 hour bulk fermentation, retarded overnight in the fridge, 1 hour out of the fridge, shape (kind of) and 2 hour proof.

25 minutes in a very hot oven, 10 more with the oven turned off.




It's a great bread for the kind of sandwiches we like in Spain. I'm sure you have seen that chorizo in the background :-)


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I just picked up the fixin's for italian beef.  Your bread looks like just what I need to serve it on.

Great job!

-susie  (and using a sourdough!)

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La masa

Thank you Susie,

I had no idea what Italian beef was, but here is wikipedia to shed light on things:

I'm sure this bread would be able to withstand it without disintegrating :-)

I have to try it, it sounds good :-d


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I use this recipe but alter it a little.  I use beef base and near the end of cooking time I add LOTS of sliced green peppers.  I use mild Giardiniera.  Toast the bread a little and brush with garlic butter before heaping on the beef.  Add some mozzarella and put it under the broiler for a real treat!  The troops (family) love this stuff so I always have to make a double batch. Make sure you dip your bread in the juice before you pile on the beef.

Italian Beef is one of my favorites, but here is the one the Chicago Sun Times printed one time. If you like the meat to the point of shredding, then this is the recipe to use. It can cook forever, and it's very forgiving. It definitely has that Chicago Beef taste authenticity.


3 1/2 pounds beef roast, sirloin tip or rump roast
12 ounces (jar) Italian Giardiniera, drained
12 ounces (jar) pepperoncini peppers
1 envelope Italian salad dressing -zesty Italian
10 ounce can beef broth

Place roast in slow cooker (3 1/2 quart). Mix all other ingredients together, draining oil from giardiniera (When adding giardiniera and pepperoncini, use 1/2 jar for a mild version or all for a spicier version). Add all ingredients to slow cooker, cover and cook for 18 (yes, that's right, eighteen) hours on LOW.

Meat will be very tender - can use a fork to pull apart.

Note: Be sure to get MILD giardiniera, or you will be on fire for months!