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dough whisk brand?

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dough whisk brand?

Hi there


Does anyone know the name of the Polish company that makes the Danish dough whisks?  I am trying to find them for sale here in Spain! Lots of luck needed!




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I googled around a bit and couldn't find the exact information either.  But what I did find out, however, is that these whisks used to be made in Denmark, but are now outsourced to a company in Poland who apparently doesn't sell them in Poland!  In any case, one blog that I found had a post from someone (a couple of years old) who found out who the US importer was from either or ...but even when asked, he failed to say who the importer was.  The importer did tell him that they were the only company doing it, and were also the people who stamp 'Breadtopia' or 'King Arthur' on the (birch) handles.  I'm betting that you could call or contact one of the companies that sell these, find out who the importer is, then ask who in Europe is importing these, then call or contact the european importer and ask them which stores sell them.  It was fun to dig into this, but that's the best that I could do... Too bad there is no in Spain.  Amazon sells these whisks too.  Can you buy from the UK without the shipping being outrageous?

Good luck...



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Breadtopia, I'm pretty sure, ships to Spain.

You can load one into your cart and calculate the shipping charges, to see if that might be worthwhile.  Their shipping charges for small items seem to be very reasonable, for here in the US. Don't know about international though.

Only thing, I think Breadtopia is out of stock on these right now, but I think they will be shipping more on Dec. 8, when they are back in stock.

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You might email at and ask who they import them from into the USA.  They have them on their website under Tools - Bakery Smallwares.  Price is right too at $ 6.99 vs. KAF over the top price of $ 14.95.  (I love KAF flour but they have priced themselves out of the market as far as I am concern on equipment and supplies.  Got to pay for that free shipping and other sales promotion crap but I would rather have low prices all the time and pay my fair share of shipping costs.)


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at a store called Manufaktum that sells expensive but quality goods.

Mine was made in the Czech Republic and was a bit small, but I don't have the tag anymore. I'm pretty sure they even had a website on the tag. Here's the link: it might be cheaper because the shipping will be within the EU:

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you can't get the whisk at Amazon uk and I don't advise sending anything to spain from outside the EU as the customs here are crazyand you'll end up paying 50€ extra after long delays. Am searching too. will let you know if I have any luck.