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I'd like to work in an (artisan) bakery

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I'd like to work in an (artisan) bakery

I live in netherlands and love sourdough. I have dreamt about opening my own bakery but don't think I will be able to make it, for a lot of reasons and money and education being two of them.

Now that I am 43, and would really love a job in a (bread) bakery offering my sourdough experience, I am curious if that's at all possible if you never got an official education. I have thought of just baking a few loaves and take them with me, them being my experience, as opposed to have things written down on paper.

I would like some input and thoughts on this matters......I realise I am not exactly young but I am not old either, plus I am very passionate about good bread which I think is a big plus........

Ok isn't bad to try and follow your dreams, is it.


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Hello Berti,

Don't worry about your lack of formal education, it's the experience that counts.  I'ld say you should first decide which bakery you would like to work at, have a couple in mind in case of rejection then bake a loaf or two and take it to the first one and let them know that you're passionate about breadmaking.  

Don't give up on your dreams, keep aiming for the stars and you'll get there on day.  Don't let your age bother you, it's just a number, it's all about the way you think and act that really matters.

Good luck





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If all else fails, perhaps you could ask for an apprenticeship and work for the experience.  Most of us need income but perhaps if nothing else, you could do it in your free time.  Hard to work and do something like that....sure but if your dream is that important, I am sure you could do it.