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New Baker's Second Loaf

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new baker

New Baker's Second Loaf


Hi Everyone!

I am the proud mother of my second loaf this weekend.  I actually improved a bit due to your good suggestions and the info on the site.  In fact, when my husband tasted the second loaf he promptly threw the first loaf away.  I graduated from "good" to "very good."

 I decided to make my second loaf wetter by soaking the wheat bran, cracked wheat, and oatmeal.  I let the bread machine do the work of mixing and kneading, and then set it near the warm oven to rise -ahem- I mean proof (still learning the bread lingo).  Unfortunately a friend called who was very troubled by some happenings in her life and I just couldn't stop the phone call.  The dough rose to the occasion and became something like a blob in a B grade movie that looked as though it would consume me instead of the other way around.  This wet dough was practically impossible to form into a loaf.  I heaped it onto a baking sheet as best I could and put it in the oven.


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Good for you!!!! The best thing about all this is that bread is pretty forgiving!! My bomb loaves become duck food....I HAVE had them that even the ducks wouldn't eat!!! THAT was embarassing!!

Keep us up to date!