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B&D French Style flour-perhaps the holy grail

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B&D French Style flour-perhaps the holy grail


After trying Anis Bouabsa's baguette recipe, posted elsewhere, to accolades and success, I figured i should try something other than KA bread flour and ordered some of the B&D "baguette" flour. It arrived Tuesday and I whipped up a batch for overnight retard, ready this AM. Well, success plus. Unfortunately, I didn't even get enough time to pull out the camera before the bread was devoured by company; really. If you have tried the recipe with 'normal' bread flour, the "correct" flour just seems a couple of notches better, in taste, crumb, crust, well, you get the picture.  Tomorrow AM I'm going to make another batch and promise to get some photos before the troops hit it again. However, if you are going to pick up flour for baguettes, here is one happy customer. Not only is the flour great, it is relatively cost-effective, even with shipping. I'm going to try his other products and will report.


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Mumsie Leonie

What is B&D baguette flour?



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try: which calls itself flour for the 'professional.'

they have specialty flour (T65) for baguette, as well as specialized flours for a variety of other things.  I'm hooked.


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It's already been discussed here

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With a new actor.

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Maybe so.