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my first sourdough loaf!

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my first sourdough loaf!


i have been lurking here for a few weeks and during that time i eventually grew a nice batch of sourdough starter with pineapple juice. last night/this morning i baked my first loaf of bread with a helpful recipe suggestion for 100% whole wheat sourdough. i am eating a slice now and it is amazing!! mmmm sour!

here's a link to a photo:

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It's pretty amazing to have that first loaf of sourdough from your own starter, isn't it?  I'm glad you are enjoying it.  May it be the first of many.


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I too have just done my first loaf of WW sourdough!  YUM!

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Congrats!  The first loaf is always most memorable.  Keep up the good work!  Al

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That is wonderful about your success with your loaves.  Do you have a recipe that you can recommend?


I too am an amature at this.  I have sucessfully grown my own starter and now it is in the fridge.  I have a quick question of how to use the starter.  If I am going to bake my loaves tomorrow, do I feed the starter today and do I leave it out of the fridge to use it at room temperature?  I really have no idea and have not had the courage to try it yet.





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when i made my first loaf i had never put the starter in the fridge yet. it had been living on the counter for 2 weeks w/daily feedings.


i am going to try to make sourdough pizza crust today. i just took it out of the fridge and will feed it and let it warm up for a bit. i am kind of winging it. trying to find a 100% whole wheat sourdough pizza crust recipe that is quick (e.g., does not need to ferment for 24 hours).



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Velogrrrrl, it looks awesome!  My first loaf looked an awful lot like a strange larvae or something you wouldn't want to eat, ha ha. 

Lucy, when I'm going to bake, I will feed my starter the night before, and let it hang out on the counter all night.  This gets it all nice and active for use the next morning.  It'll be interesting to hear how other folks use their starters!


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Ditto to how you do it.  I also feed it and leave it out all night.  Of course I only sloop about 6 hours so that works for me.