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fresh baked and new

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fresh baked and new

hello all


I have been searching the web for advice on baking real bread and found this site.

It  is a great site for new bakers- I have learned so much in a short time. I caught the baking

bug after I recieved a present of a bread making machine a year ago. The machine was idle for six months until I decided to tyru iot out and follow the recipes that came with the machine. I wasn't happy with the results and began the journey into the strange but wonderful world artisan bread making skills.  I have tried making sourdough and rustic breads with mixed results. Some loaves were well risen and had great flavour,  some  I have used as door stops!!.

Its early days but I'm hooked. Just off to check my poolish has been working overnight......



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Brian sound a lot like me in my learning phase.  I baked a lot of brick bats but I've finally reached a point through dilliget efforts, that I can bake good bread keep it up and never stop learning.  Yesterday I took my regular standby honey wheat loaf, made dinner rolls and then decided to make a boule instead of a loaf and I popped it into my dutch oven...just playing around because I had read here about the dutch oven, and it was wonderful.  keep learning and enjoying.