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Thanksgiving bake continued

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Thanksgiving bake continued

We are headed 300 miles tomorrow to visit our daughters so I had to bake last weeekend. The loaves in the back are Susan's Sourdough with kalamata olives and rosemary. The darker loaves are toasted pecan with blue cheese inspired by PR. The rolls are Floyd's sweet potato. It has been a great 9months of learning to bake. Thanks for the recipes and inspiration, this is a great site for learning if you take it one bite at a time.


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They look great, bakerking.  Way to go! 

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.


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They really are beautiful!


How did you keep them?  Freezer?

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Sherry Hall

Beautiful pictures!  Where is the recipe for the toasted pecan with blue cheese?  I searched the web and only found recipes whose photos looked like irish soda bread.  These look fantastic.  Thanks!

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1. yes, I wrapped them tightly in plastic wrap and freezer bags then into a cooler for travel.

2. In Peter Reinhart's BBA he talks about sourdoughs and mentions his favorite sourdough    has  toasted walnuts and bleu cheese, 40% walnuts - that is a lot and 15-20% bleu cheese. We had pecans on hand. Everybody enjoyed it, interesting flavor meld, very nutty, you could probably back off on the nuts a little and I didn't have quite that much cheese. It smelled great while it was baking.

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Thanks -- I've always wondered if such gorgeous breads would freeze ok!

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Very nice breads bakerking.


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You did a great job!