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Dinner Roll Recipe for Thanksgiving?

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Dinner Roll Recipe for Thanksgiving?

New baker here in need of a traditional dinner roll recipe to impress my wife on Thanksgiving.

I do not care for sourdough or buttermilk for this meal.

If I need to make a biga or poolish, can I also get the directions please?

If recipe has already been posted, I apologize. Please post link to it.


thanks in advance.

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The sweet potato roll recipe is very good! I did change the recipe a little and used cardamom and pepper instead of the cinnamon.I put them in a springform like the buttermilk cluster on the home page here and sprinkled them with sesame seeds-they are beautiful! Lovely color and aroma.

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Thanks, but I was hoping for something a little more traditional. Any additional ideas? Perhaps something along this line 


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I make these for the holidays and the family loves them. You can give them a try. Just a basic roll and I have to cut the sugar back. Too sweet for me but that may be a matter of taste.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!


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This recipe can't be beat for Thanksgiving. It's delicous and simple, too.

I shape them into rolls and bake them in a cluster in round pans.

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Looks just like what I wanted for Xmas Eve.

Thanks You!

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I just took a batch of these out of the oven, and had to try one before everyone got here.  The aroma was mouth-watering while they were baking.  This is a nice fluffy, flavorful roll that will be perfect for sopping meat juices or gravy.  I plan on serving them this afternoon with pot pie made with left over turkey and gravy from Christmas. Thanks!

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My Grandmother passed down a Butterhorn roll recipe with a crumb similar to challah. Very buttery and the roll is a crescent. Family favorite for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will provide recipe if desired. Andrea