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Thanksgiving rolls left over?

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Thanksgiving rolls left over?

I made a batch of rolls last night and they didn't come out very well. I made the dough way too dry and couldn't correct it.  Well, tonight as I was getting dinner ready I thought I should make my wife a treat.  She has picked up a bug somewhere and feels crummy.  As I have a good bit of bread in the freezer, bread pudding came to mind.

I sliced two of the sub-standard rolls into eighths, without going through the bottom.  Poked some walnuts down in the cuts, poured a mixture of egg, milk and brown sugar over until the rolls couldn't soak up anymore.  Put a pat of butter on top and baked at 350 in a water bath.  They were delicious.

I remade the rolls tonight and they came out great.  The smell is incredible.  Very rich and almost cheesey with all the butter and potato.

This is the KA recipe for "Soft Dinner Rolls" by the way. 

I fear my wife is going to be too sick for us to go to her father's house so we may be eating plenty of leftover rolls the next week.

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Good choice for using up the "sub par" rolls, Ken.  Bread pudding, either savory strata or a flavorful dessert, provides a method for redirecting those bread baking outcomes that are less than satisfactory and allows me to find a use for food that is not wasteful.  Next time I have a failure in dinner rolls I'll try your specific recipe for individual servings prepared in ramekons.  Sounds great and the images rendered indicate they'd look good on the plate too.