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SD Challah dough turns rustic during rise

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SD Challah dough turns rustic during rise

I'm mainly curious as to what's going on, but I'd like to avoid this if possible. I add flour and knead to a certain feel, knowing what a challah dough feels like when using commercial yeast, quick rises, direct dough, etc. I modify the BBA application, only slightly less egg white and slightly more oil. Since I hand knead, I know what the dough feels like going into the proofing vessel, and after it rises it is quite a bit stickier, more so than even french bread. I have to add a cup or more flour just to be able to handle it. What is happening? It's occurred to me that the wild yeast and bacteria are using the flour as food, but without adding water I don't think the difference would be this marked.


It might take 18-24 hours to rise twice. I use a glass cylindrical bowl for the first rise of the full dough and then bench proof for the second. I use a proofing box at 90 degrees fahrenheit. I make a 100% hydration poolish from the starter, adding additional dry goods after it is good and bubbly, and tastes noticeably sour.