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In search of a bread recipe using sour cream and sourdough starter

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In search of a bread recipe using sour cream and sourdough starter

I currently have a wonderful starter that originated from the pineapple juice based starter recipe and would like to find some bread recipes using it in conjunction with sour cream as an ingredient.  I've always liked the texture I get when I use sour cream in recipes.  Anybody have suggestions?  Any kind of bread will do--savory, sweet or plain.  Thanks!

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I have used sourdough starter to make biscuits which came out well.  I have also used sour cream and a little water to make biscuits when I didn't have milk and they also came out well.  I'll bet a dollar the combination would work.

Either use bisquick or make your own by mixing flour, salt, baking powder and shortening.

I don't think the proportion of starter to sour cream would be critical.  You would just need to consider the hydration of the starter and work towards a nice biscuit dough consistancy.

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This one is adaptable to what you're looking for.  Just adjust for the starter and go for it.

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Thanks to both of you--Ken K, I am going to try the biscuits tomorrow for breakfast; Flournwater, the bread sounds yummy!  Just right for sandwiches for my school lunches or even French toast during the weekend.  I'll give both a whirl and see what I can come up with.  Frankly, I haven't had a bum recipe yet from this batch of starter.  It's the best I've ever used, so I'm anxious to give these a try.

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Good Luck, Trailer.  Let us know how it works out.  I use the pineapple juice starter too.  Mine is 7 - 8 months old and still going strong in it's who knows how many generations of using and feeding.  Best I've ever found too.

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Sourdough Sour Cream Twists 

Night before:

¼ c. 100% hydration ripe starter

18 oz. KA AP flour

8 oz. melted unsalted butter, cooled slightly

8 oz. sour cream

2 large eggs, beaten slightly

1 ½ tsp. regular salt

1 tsp. vanilla


Beat until smooth, knead a few strokes to form into smooth ball.  Wrap closely with plastic, refrigerate overnight.


Mix and set aside:

1 cup sugar

2 tsp. cinnamon


Spread about half the sugar/cinnamon on board, roll dough to about 15x18", turn repeatedly so that both sides are covered with sugar and not sticking.  Add sugar as needed.  Fold 3 times, as you would a letter, coating each surface with sugar as you proceed.  Roll into rectangle ¼" thick, using up all the sugar.  Cut with pizza cutter into wide strips 4" across, then cut the other direction into 1" wide strips, yielding 1"x4" pieces.


Twist 360 degrees along length of strip and lay on parchment-covered baking sheet.  (I get 3 rows of 6 on a half-sheet pan.)  Allow to rest on bench 20 minutes to relax, then bake 22 minutes at 375 degrees, rotating halfway through.  (If you don't rest before baking they will un-twist partially in the oven.)


Twists will brown slightly, the sugar will form a crisp "glaze".  Makes about 60 twists.


Savory application: omit vanilla, roll with parmesan (the pre-grated stuff in the green jar) instead of sugar,  inside the "envelope folds" spread with pesto or chopped sundried tomatoes.  Brush with  an egg glaze.


This recipe was originally from a 1961  Fleischmann's Yeast booklet.  My mother packed Sour Cream Twists for breakfast on the road on those occasions when she had to get pajama'd kids piled into the car in the wee hours of the morning.  What a mom! 

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Oh, this brought back memories of something my mom used to make, too, except she deep-fried these instead of baking them.  I'm definitely going to try this recipe and bake them (the fried stuff doesn't digest any more)!  Thank you for sharing the recipe with me.