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Wrapping Up Loaves or Bagging Bread

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Postal Grunt

Wrapping Up Loaves or Bagging Bread

I've got two loaves that are just out of the oven, that stretch the length of a two loaf, Italian bread, perforated bottom Chicago Metallic pan. The loaves look fine but there's a problem. These loaves are already spoken for the hospital auxiliary bake sale tomorrow. My wife, who volunteers at the hospital, suggested that I donate something for this sale.

I have acouple of sandwich loaf bags that a supermarket bakery gave to me but they probably won't be quite long enough, Any suggestions?

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Why not wrap them in brown paper?  If you have a paper grocery bag, just slit it up the sides and wrap the bread butcher-style.

Label each loaf and use a colored piece of yarn to tie.  Since they are sold, why not gift wrap?

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How about wrapping in aluminum foil?

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I often use parchment paper [cheaper @ walmart] and loosely wrap loaves like Tootsie Roll and tie ends w/raffia,  ribbon or leftover corn husks [soaked first to soften]. Good Luck!

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I think that the quart bags they use in liquor stores would be perfect, but haven't found anywhere to buy them that doesn't require me to buy 1000.

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I use produce bags. I asked my local grocer and he gave me a partial roll. These are the super-thin plastic bags that come in a roll. Problem with plastic bags is they soften the crust. But you could just put them in long enough to get them to the bake sale.

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 bought some Saran wrap type stuff from Costco about 15 years ago.  I have been using it ever since,  I think it cost about $5.00 and it has lasted for so long that I almost feel guilty.


I always leave one loaf to eat and freeze the other one in "Saran Wrap"  hasn't  proved me wrong yet.