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Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers' Festival

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Steve Bardwell

Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers' Festival

The sixth annual Asheville Artisan Bread Bakers' Festival is set for March 20, 2010.

Details are available at:

Lionel Vatinet and Peter Reinhart are the featured bakers for the festival.


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Thanks for the heads up about this.  We now live in Brevard (former Vermonters) so this will be wonderful to attend!


ackkkright's picture

Right on!

I'll be there. Greenlife is just a short trip down Merrimon from home.


Monica's picture

Great!  I have never been to one and it is only an hour from me in SC.  Do you have to register?  Monica

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Debra Wink

Everyone within driving distance really should put it on their calendars---it's well worth the trip.


(P.S.  Please say hi to Gail for me!)