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Hello, all!

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Hello, all!

Good Morning!

I just discovered this site and wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Scott, and I am a Tax Accountant by trade, and an amateur (very!)  bread baker by passion! I generally bake very small batches (3-4 lbs), mostly for my family and very close friends. 

At the moment I am working on getting more consistant in my batches, listening, and learning from the more experienced folks here.

Last night I baked 3 Quinoa boules, and used my new brotforms for the first time - Hopefully they will taste as good as they looked and smelled!

Tonight I am going to try a no-knead cabernet and asiago cheese dough - either for rolls or possibly grissini!

Wish me luck!



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Best wishes to your bread!! Next time show us some great pics of your lucy bread!

I am an amateur too :)~