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Primaver bun recipe?

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Tom the Family Baker

Primaver bun recipe?

I'm up in British Columbia, Canada. We have a grocery store chain called Superstore. Their bakery sometimes produces a Primavera bun which my family fight over! It has cheese and peppers, onion, garlic and oregano. My breadmaker (B&D2300) has the most pathetic recipe book ever and I've had no luck finding a decent dough recipe on the internet (half an hour of searching). It's amazing how many recipes don't tell you how big a loaf it makes.

Can anyone help with a decent dough recipe? My B&D wants me to use sour cream and some other ingredient I've never heard of being put in bread. I want to just use the stuff I normally have in my home, not make some special trip to the grocery store every time I want some dough.

Prefer whole wheat recipes but we love the Primavera's enough to use any dough recipe!

Thanks, folks! I'm a rookie here and appreciate any help you can offer.

Tom (