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Feeding the starter

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Feeding the starter

I fed my sourdough starter but forgot to throw out half of it first.  Is it ruined or can I throw out half of it now, and refeed?  I have had this starter for several weeks, have actually baked a few pretty good loaves from it, and would hate to have messed it up! Please help!!

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Though you may want to discard more than half at the next feed to get it back down to a manageable size.  And if you are going to refrigerate it, I'd give it time to ripen and feed again before sticking it in the fridge. 

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was basically feed it less than you normally would. So if you normally feed 1:2:2: you currently fed it 1:1:1 and you also happen to have more of it.

Remember it's actually pretty difficult to kill starter, other than baking it. 

So once what you have has doubled as usual, which will take a little less time since there's more active old starter there, cut it back down to your normal amount and continue as is your routine.

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baking is a very effective way to kill a starter.


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Thank you all very much for your help.  I'm new to breadmaking, especially sourdough, but am sure loving the experience!!