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Dutch Crunch

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Dutch Crunch

For this weeks bread I decided to try the method of Anis Bouabsa that I read about here.  I held back enough of the dough to make a pizza for tonight's supper and made six rolls out of the rest.  One of the rolls I "frosted" with the rice paste right before I put them in the oven.

The recipe I used for the topping called for oil.  In retrospect I realize that the rolls I had eaten at a restaurant must not have had the oil.  The topping greatly retarded the baking and oven rise, I did not slash the topped roll. I cooked the topped roll a good fifteen minutes after I took the rest out.  I will give an update when we cut it open and eat it but I'm fairly sure it is going to be hockey puck like.

I will start another post on the plain Bouabsa rolls when I cut one.