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French Batard

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French Batard


I baked this hand shaped loaf and a dozen others yesterday in an artisan bread bakery I work for in New Zealand. About 80 in total.



It is made with a cold overnight poolish at 125% of the overall dough weight, receives a fairly decent bulk fermentation and a quality hearth bake.



Love to hear some feedback from bread lovers around the world.






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Looks beautiful...I love the color....

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Beautiful loaf!  And Gorgeous grigne!  Would we please see a crumb shot?  And what is your total dough hydration?  When you said "...poolish at 125% of the overall dough weight" - do you mean the poolish is 125% hydration? 

Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful bake.


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That's a perfect French Bread. Crumb shot, crumb shot! I would like to know more about your process and formula.


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Beautiful loaf. I make a very similar loaf in my bakery on Vancouver Island. Mine looks very similar, but I use a poolish and a sourdough starter. I mix the flour, poolish, starter and a little water. I let it autolyse for 20min, then I toss in salt and a bit of enzymes and mix on slow of 6 or seven min. Then I scale it, pre-shape it, degas a little, shape and let it rise overnight (sometimes, but it is very good either way). I bake it in a Wachtel deck oven @ 440. I also use this dough for baguettes, ciabatta (scale and double hydrate), foccacia(scale and add a little olive oil, Italian seasoning and parmesan. Sometimes I toss in some bran and toasted wheat germ and make whole wheat baguettes and batard. It is the greatest, simplest and most economical of doughs. I try to be more conscious these days about the flour on the surface of the dough post-bake. Prof. Raymond Calvel despised the trend of heavy dusting and I am inclined to agree with him. Cheers.

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Gorgeous looking loaf !

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Hi there Crunchy---love the pictures of your beautiful bread,......did I miss reading the recipe somewhere?  I would love to make an attempt. 

Thanks so much---grace

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It looks so gooooooood. Would you share us your recipe?


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Good job in slashing the top!  Beautiful loaf.  Love to hear any tricks and tips.  Thanks for the photos.


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Looks beautiful.

I'm confused by "It is made with a cold overnight poolish at 125% of the overall dough weight"

Would you mind sharing the complete formula?



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That's a gorgeous loaf, both crust and crumb!  As per other comments, could you explain what you mean by a "cold" poolish and also if it really constitued 125 percent of total dough weight?

Great job!


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The pics are great so the bread looks amazzinly good. Now, just one problem,could you supply a sample so I could sink my theeth into that crust and then, judge...LOL

Serious, very good job,well baked, nicely scored,


Montreal, Quebec

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Wow, how do you get the breat to split so wide??  Mine never gets like that!