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Newbie here

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Newbie here

I've not made much bread in my life and the time that i do, it's nothing to brag about.

My question is, there is a recipe that I want to make for thanksgiving.  I would like to double it so I don't have to make it two completely different times.  Is it okay to double a bread recipe?  It's pretty basic, 3.5 cups flour, 2 teaspoons yeast so could I do 7 cups flour and 4 teaspoons yeast without screwing it up?



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Sure you can double it, with no problem at all.  I double recipes all the time.


If you feel like your bread is "nothing to brag about", can I recommend the Lessons section here on TFL (The Fresh Loaf, this site)...  I am reasonably new at baking myself and found that following the lessons helped me enormously!  My bread is better and better since then, which inspires me to bake more...vicious cycle :-)



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Postal Grunt

If you'll take a little more time to ferment and proof your your dough, you'll find that you won't miss the extra two teaspoons of yeast. Bread will always taste better when you use only as much yeast as needed.

Take some time to read the instructional postings on baking "your first loaf". They're worth your time.