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Three Healthy Old-Fashioned Loaves of Bread...

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Kelly Burgess

Three Healthy Old-Fashioned Loaves of Bread...

I found this recipe in an old Harrowsmith Cookbook, an endless source of inspiration when you have hollow legs to feed... however, hollow legs don't always appreciate the time and effort that goes into homemade bread so mostly I stash mine in the freezer for personal consumption. These loaves are dense and moist and toast up nicely, or fresh, make great healthy sandwiches. I generally take liberties with most recipes that appear strong, and add ground poppyseeds (preferrably cooked in milk to bring out their true flavor), toasted nuts and seeds, chopped apricots, dates or raisins, whatever I have or whatever sounds like it might add crunch and health.

Here's the basic recipe:

2  1/2 C scalded milk (I would add the ground poppyseeds at this point)

1/2 C oil

1/2 C molasses

4 t salt

1 C oats

1/2 C sesame seeds

1 C wheat germ

2 T yeast

2 T brown sugar

1 1/2 cups warm water

5-7 C flour

3-5 C ww flour

Combine scalded milk, oil, molasses and salt. Mix together rolled oats, sesame seeds and wheat germ. Pour scalded milk mixture over rolled oats mixture.

Dissolve yeast and brown sugar in warm water. When milk-oats mixture has cooled to lukewarm, add yeast to it. Stir in flour and knead into a soft dough. Let rise in a warm place for 1 hour. Punch down and place dough in three greased loaf pans. (I like adding sesame seeds to the oil coating... depends sometimes on your pans.) Let rise for 1 to 1 1/4 hours. Bake at 350 DF for 45-60".

Thank you to Carol Frost of Chilliwack, BC, for this recipe.