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Variation in whole wheat flours

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Variation in whole wheat flours

I've been using organic freshly-ground whole wheat for a while, and recently switched to KA 100%WW.  What a difference!  The KA is ground superfine so the flour is tan, while the freshly-ground is more white with brown specks.  I switched again to Stone-Buhr and that's also white with brown specks.  Has anyone found that the KA is less liekly to cut gluten strands because it doesn't have bigger (and sharper) pieces of bran in it?  Both types have made good bread, though the coarse-milled seems to not have as strong a structure and web.


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I make many loaves of wheat bread using organic stone ground flour and always end up with nice high loaves of bread.

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I've used KA 100%, freshly ground and even graham flour.  I find that the flour is not the biggest factor in rising, but the condition of my starter, whether I've used bottled or tap water, etc. etc. will make a huge difference, though.  And, of course, kneading time/style.

My only complaint with the KA 100% WW is that even though the date is still far far into the future, I find that it frequently has a stale taste.  Probably my vendor holding it for a long time or storing it in a warm condition, or some such.

At first I found it a bit weird to work with, particularly hydration levels, but once I got the hang of it, I really liked the Hodgson Mills Graham Flour.  I don't use it all the time, but I'm no long disappointed when it's the only one on the shelf at the megamart.