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Traditional Pumpernickel

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Traditional Pumpernickel

Hi i love baking and recently come across a dilemma, one of my favorite breads is traditional pumpernickel, but i cant a find a true recipe does any one have an idea were i can find one?

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Do you want to bake traditional German pumpernickel? Hamelman's "Bread" has a recipe.

Do you want to bake Jewish pumpernickel? Look at Greenstein's "Secrets of a Jewish Baker."

Search TFL on "pumpernickel" and you will find examples of both.


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uhm, mostly, but the use of coloring and high gluten flour is not what makes Hamelman's bread a traditional pumpernickel. It may be a good bread, but pumpernickel is exclusively rye, water, sourdough, salt and extremely long baking at low temperature. Anything else is a shortcut.

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Here's a link provided on Mike Avery's Sourdough Home site to a traditional pumpernickel recipe... 


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Thank you all very much i was look for the true german style that takes a while and this has given me some leads thank you