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What malt products are used in baking?

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What malt products are used in baking?

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know where i can get info on a malt products used in baking? This website has been a help but i could do with more information.

Thank you


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I use diastatic, non-diastatic, and barley malt syrup, depending on what I'm baking.

When I googled your subject line, there were 97,200 hits.

More importantly, what do you plan to do with the malt?

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malt generally provides sweetness and often is used in ethnic recipes dating back to times and places where barley grew and there was no sugar industry to speak of. because of its different sweetening characteristics, some recipes still use it as a sweetener, e.g., bagels, vienna white bread, kaiser rolls.

importantly, though malt also promotes browning of the crust and if it's cold processed (i.e., diastatic) supplies amylase enzymes to dough, which help in breaking down starches and complex sugars into simple sugars that the yeast can digest.

generally, you can get both kinds of malt as either dry powder (100% solids) or liquid -- really, a thick syrup that's 84% solids. both are approximately substitutable on a weight-for-weight basis, and both do the same things.

for more information, you can also check out this website:

Stan Ginsberg

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Hi Brian,


I got  Bakers Malt   (Backmalz)  on Ebau from Germany.  for 1.95 Euro  and 8 Euro shipping and had it in 4 days. I make Rolls with it.


Good luck