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Peter Reinhart's new book...Questions.

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Peter Reinhart's new book...Questions.

I have two questions really...


First off I have been making Struan as my go to bread recipe for the last several months.  I was following the recipe/techiques in BBA.  I tried the technique in the new book.  I am guessing from the new book that soaking the grains is no longer necessary.  Is that true?  If so that would be nice cuz sometimes I forget to soak my grains.


My second question has to do with the Classic French Bread Recipe.  I've tried this several times, and the flavor is spot on, but I cannot for the life of me get my crumb right.  It always ends up very compact and dense.  I'm wondering if I should skip the bulk fermentation and just go straight to the form and bake it in the morning?   Any thoughts?