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frozen pizza

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frozen pizza


is anyone familiar with freezing formed and topped pizzas (not baked), what would be shelf life at 0 F, type of dough ... any advice is appreciated.

and yes i have blast chiller at -40 F.

thanks in addvance


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doughs have a 12 week frezzer life but you must use fresh yeast

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thanks for ansvere, and if you or anybody can tell is there some aditives to extend frezzer life and is it better to go with retarded fermentation or fast with owerdoze of yeast so it might survive some of them through storage time. btw my intention is to bake pizza right from freezer without melting (it was good whan tested but in first few days)

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Hi djurina! as far as I know it is not a very good idea to freeze not baked dough. What I do to freeze pizza is just bake the dough for a little time, so it does not cook completely.

Then, I just get it out of the freezer straight to the oven, once it is warm I add the tomato sauce, back to the oven for a little while and then spread the cheese all over it and back to the oven till the cheese melts.

That's the way I do it, but I think it is not what you're looking for, is it?