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Hi from the South!

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Hi from the South!

Hello everyone new here and thinking about getting my feet wet in sourdough.

I tried one starter here a few months back but it died mainly because I work

during the day and could not do the recommended 4 hour feedings. Anyone lead me in the right

direction as far as a good starter that will survive 8 or 9 hours without feeding during the day. And what

if any equipment I need. One question though, will a pizza stone work to bake bread?

Rgds Sugarcreations 

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Welcome! If you want to make a starter, check out my blog for my wild yeast starter recipe. It is easy and it works really well. What kind of starter recipe were you making that had to be fed every 4 hours? That sounds crazy. Once you get a starter going it only needs to be fed occasionally (once a week is good, but they can go much longer). This schedule is, of course, if you are keeping your starter in the fridge between uses. If you were to not refrigerate it, you would need to feed it once or twice daily.

Pizza stones work great for baking bread. I use mine all the time to bake my breads on.

sugarcreations's picture

I do not even remember what the recipe was. I do know that I did not refrigerate it was I suppose to? I only have time to bake on the weekends cannot do any during the week. I will check out your wild yeast starter.