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The Little Italian loaf that rolled over!

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The Little Italian loaf that rolled over!

One of those days!  Everything was going nicely.  Except I wasn't paying attention to those little details...that can cause big mishaps.  My Italian loaf was sitting on parchment and slid off the pan onto the stone and just kept rolling, right over.  It came right off the parchment halfway.  It was pushed, shoved, unstuck and rolled back that time who cares!

Problem was I didn't have the pan low enough to the stone when sliding the loaf off..I just tipped it to slid it off..causing it to roll over onto the stone...when I should have kept the pan low to the stone and given a little jerk and pulled the pan away. 

Happy Halloween!


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I have had that experience too. Once it rolled off the stone partway. Sometimes leaving it produces a very funny loaf. Always looks odd and tasted great. Great read before bed. thanks


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It did produce a funny loaf from being punched around.  It even has what I think boxers call a califlower ear :P

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Hey Sylvia, nice crackled crust. Bet it was a wonderful loaf all around. Ray