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Some recent activity on the bread front.

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Some recent activity on the bread front.

It's been a while, but baking never stops. It's just finding time to post about it!

Here's a couple of loaves I made in the last few weeks.

First is my standard sourdough, which is 25% WW and 25% high protein flour. The crust is wonderfully crunchy and the crumb is tight and pillow soft.

(bit of a hole in the middle of the loaf, I was not paying attention whilst shaping the loaf!)

The second set of loaves are Reinhart's sandwich rye. These are 1250g loaves.


At some point I'd like to post my comparison of 0, 24, 48 and 72 hours cold fermentation. Interesting. But I am time poor at the moment.

This weekend I'm planning on some WW pita, seeded crackers and chocolate panettone (Susan from wildyeast). Looking forward to it :)


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Beautiful loaves! I'm sure they taste as good as they look!

I frequently get holes in the middle of my bread, too, as in the fifth picture from the top. Do you know what causes this? For me, this happens most often in breads with a high rye content. I suspect that it's due to a combination of low gluten development and under-proofing. The loaves get great oven spring, but due to the lack of gluten, it tears the middle of the bread. That's just a theory, though.


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bit of a delay in replying, but I know exactly why I get holes like that in my loaves - I have a very poor shaping technique. I left a hole in the middle when I was shaping, and there it is. It was definitely this and not something else as the hole was smooth and perfect, whereas if it had been a tear from oven-spring I'd expect strands at the top and bottom of the hole.


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Yes, very beautiful loaves.. I like the colour, not too dark. Bet it tastes great.