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I'm new to baking and I wanna surpass someone I know...

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I'm new to baking and I wanna surpass someone I know...


I'm rather new to the world of baking. What I came here to learn is how to bake the basics and take one step at a time to reach an artisan level. (LOL, SEVERAL YEARS.)

I was inspired by the anime Yakitate Japan!! (who isn't?) so I came here looking to make my own creations and see how it works out.

Thanks for reading. It really seems friendly here.

(I'm already in creation of something but not sure if it's been made so I shall search...) 

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Welcome! You're right; this is a very friendly site. I'm a pretty new bread baker myself, and I check this site several times a week in search of ideas, tips, problem-solving ideas and recipes. It's been and education and an inspiration all at once. We're all indebted to FloydM for hosting this particular party!




"I am not a cook. But I am sorta cooky."

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Hello!!  I too have been watching Yakitate! Japan and absolutely LOVE it.  In the past I have made some of the classic breads (french, italian, beer, etc.) and just kinda stopped doing it but Yakitate! Japan has spurred my creative side into high gear.  My first attempt was the melon pan that was featured in episode 13.  Unfortunately the recipe I found was kind of plain and bland so I'm going to be tweeking as soon as I find some time.  Below is a pic of my melon pan. 
And yes, this forum is truely turning out to be very resourceful and helpful.

 Have a good one everybody!!!

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I love that anime also!


I had not baked in a while till I watched that anime and I started up again.




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Thanks for the welcome! 

Do you know of other animes that may involve cooking?  The only other one that I know of would be Cooking Wok Jen... or something like that.  I love anime but of course as my name implies I'm a true mangaholik at heart.