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Eurofours convection ovens vs. Hobart or Blodgett?

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Eurofours convection ovens vs. Hobart or Blodgett?

My mom is going to purchase a half size electric convection oven.  She was strongly leaning towards the Hobart HEC20 which the best price is about $3450 shipped.  However, one of her instructors at the baking school she goes to recommended Eurofours convection ovens which are made in France and apparently quite popular in Europe.  Their comparable model is $2700 shipped and it apparently has the same type of steam technology that Blodgett calls "Hydrovection".  It also has a 3 year warranty.  It certainly SOUNDS good, but I've been unable to locate any information or reviews online comparing the Eurofours models to Blodgett or Hobart.  In fact, I've been unable to find much of anything on Eurofours, which I imagine plenty exists on French and other European sites but I'm limited to English I'm afraid.

Any advice would be MUCH appreciated especially from someone familiar with Eurofours since lots on Hobart is out there but very little on Eurofours. So right now it's between these 2. 

Hobart HEC20

Eurofours 2 Tray (from a Dutch site - they only had 4+ tray models on the English site for some reason)