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How about using a turbo convection oven?

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How about using a turbo convection oven?



I am equipped with a turbo convection oven just like that one in the photo.


It's working great while using it for baking my pastries( I'm mainly doing pastry cooking) and as I intend to add some more baked products such as pizza,foccacia and similar flat breads ,was wondering if it works well when using a turbo baking system (baking up to 4 trays at the same time)?


Anyone with previous experience?




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I use a fan oven all the time, albeit I'm a home baker.

It has a specific bread baking setting (200 - 220 degrees C) which engages the fan.

All you may need to do is adjust the temperature downwards by 10 -30 degrees (read the manual!) from what you would use in a conventional oven.

The only slight problem I've found is that the side of the loaf nearest the fan gets cooked more than the one next to the door, so you may need to turn the goods round half way through.