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over night refregeration

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over night refregeration

In many of the recipes I come across, they call for over night ref.  Is this a "must do" step?I understand the bread will have better flavor but I just dont have the energy to start bread tonigh.  I really want to bake tomorrow.



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But you will lose a lot of the flavor.  Still, it's not going to be terrible.  So go for it. 

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Mini Oven

I certainly don't refrigerate (retard) often.  I mix up my starter at night and let it stand out and puff up for the morning.  Then I mix up my dough after my morning coffee.  Sometime in the afternoon, it goes into the oven when I feel it is ready.  Then I air the apartment sending fresh baking smells all over the complex.  (I'm so wicked!)  There is still enough aroma left over from the bread cooling to raise my husbands eyebrows when he comes home.  (Warning: Entire loaf is at risk if supper is not ready.)

Many work during the day and so put the dough into the refrigerator to gain time by slowing the rising down.  Then bake when home from work.  What ever fits you and your schedule is what you should do.  The least interruptions into your daily schedule means you will enjoy baking more and do it more often.

Do you ski?  Have your leaves turned already? I have fond memories of trips to Superior.  I think I'm a snow bunny at heart. The paint on my first car matched the yellow poplar trees in the fall.  I used to disolve into the north woods every chance I got when I lived there.