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Best artisan bread schools in the world?

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Best artisan bread schools in the world?

What is the best artisan bread school in the world?

I'm guessing it's in France, but I can't find ratings anywhere.


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It's certainly NOT in France, nor Spain.  It might be in Italy.  You might find courses in the USA.  In fact the artisan bread movement is pretty much an English-speaking phenomenon.  I'd use a seach engine but would start with which has courses in Italy, the UK and USA.

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Has anybody been to the In the US? It is close to me and I just found out about it and would like to try it.

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OakLeaf Farm 1716

I highly recommend the Artisan Bread School taught by Carl Shavitz!!! I recently took the 5-day intense course in Artisan Bread baking in October 2010. We learned to make a sourdough leaven, make and bake sourdough bread, focaccia, grissini, bagels, white with overnight sponge, 60/40 with sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds,as well as Alsace with rye berries in a wood fire oven. The bread course is for --the novice (like myself)to the more experienced baker ( who may want to learn sourdough)--who want to learn the fermentation process, techniques of mixing, folding and kneading, .. I left the course with a handful of recipes and more importantly, the knowledge, skills, and confidence in baking good bread and even trying out other recipes. I have cooked for many years and have always wanted to learn how to bake bread. I have looked at my bread books for years but could never get started since I had a hard time visualizing how the dough was suppose to look like or feel by reading the recipes. I found out about Carl Shavitz in this website. I found his bread course very appealing since I liked the idea of a classroom environment and visual learning! I know my learning style is that of seeing and doing. The bread class took place in a beautiful B&B, in Olympia, WA; we had a wonderful hostess who provided us with great meals from her wood fire oven! There were 6 students from WA, OR, ID, VA, Canada and Mexico who shared the enthusiasm of wanting to make good bread!! The small number of students provided a great learning environment. We learned a lot from each other, laughed a lot and had great camaraderie! We baked all day and had great conversations at dinner about life and bread! Carl Shavitz is a wonderful instructor; he is very knowledgeable, skilled and very passionate about baking good quality bread! Not only is he talented,...he's got a great sense of humor to boot! I laughed a lot and learned a whole lot! I believe he is teaching in KY, April 2011, and 2 weeks in Italy (Tuscany)in May 2011.

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A search engine alert appeared in my mailbox this morning.  Carl Shavitz is doing a focaccia workshop at Eataly on 2 April 2011.  Check it out at