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Need help with uploading photos

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Need help with uploading photos

I would like to insert some photos in some of my posts here but don't know how. I clicked on the little tree picture but I can't seem to go anywhere with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There is "how to insert photos" page in the FAQ:


There's also been a lot of threads on the subject... hopefully if the main page doesnt help you'll find the missing step in one of these:


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how do you delete pictures in the TFL file ?  Right clicking etc, doesnt want to work.




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Mini Oven

I do it accidently all the time...

Put the cursor to the right of the picture and push on the backspace until it's gone.


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Thanks so much for these directions! I was able to finally post a photo of a unique bread pan that I am trying to find a recipe for. Your help was greatly appreciated!