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Bread School Begins!

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Bread School Begins!

Well, I mentioned some time ago that I was considering attending the bread program at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Well, in an attempt to kick-start my career and get out of Ohio, I signed up and off I went. So here I am in Chinatown with aching feet and a big bag of baguettes and batards. I mentioned originally that I was going to blog my experience, and I have begun to do so.

The blog isn't all about bread, but bread is what ties it all together. I'll be doing restaurant reviews, bakery reviews, general NYC fun, and updates on my classes and progress. There are not yet, but there will be soon, pictures to accompany all of these things. Additionally, the layout of the blog needs some work but I'm on it and should have it all worked out soon.

I invite you to stop by my blog, have a read, and please, please leave comments. I will answer any questions I can regarding formulas and techniques if you leave them in the comments section, and I can always ask my instructor things that you wanted to know in the guise of me pretending it was my question! I hope he's not reading this. Sorry, chef!

Thanks, and may your ovens always heat true!


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That is awesome, and yes, I will be following your blog as you progress through your new adventure. I admre your courage to just go for it. Very cool Corey!

Amaz- the wannabe baker...

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living now and have allways in the bronx feel free to PM me if you need some help.

have fun in ny check out mott street for some good china town bakeries and try some moon cakes and char su bow.

also stop by orwashers for some old world bread baked in two 16 foot deep brick ovens maybe if your lucky they will let you see the bakery and if they do check out the size of the peel!!

I was at the end of that peel for a while and let me tell you thats real work.

if you want you can call me i am on skype and the number is on my web site