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years supply of organic wheat - exciting or what!

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years supply of organic wheat - exciting or what!

I've just been to get my annual 25 kilo sack of organic wheat - cost - £8 sterling! I mill it when needed and it lasts pretty well a year before I have to go back to buying wholemeal flour.


I get really excited when I get the new sack - freshly milled flour makes an incomparable bread! Quite a long drive, but today was gorgeous, and passing Stonehenge in the autumn sunshine is lovely!



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Mumsie Leonie

And where are the beautiful pics to go with that fabulous description.  lol


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Mini Oven

Sort of paints the picture of a continuum: the past and the present with grain to be future bread; time speeding by; flour then, flour now, the autumn leaves and thou. 

Thanks for the image,