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A whole lot of baking (and eating)

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A whole lot of baking (and eating)

We started the day with Sourdough English Muffins.

After lunch I made my first batch of Anis Bouabsa's baguettes.

I hurried things a bit, only giving them about 16 hours in the fridge, probably not letting them rise quite enough before putting them in the oven, and slicing them while still hot.  Nevertheless, they were quite good.  I definitely want to try this again. 

Finally I made a sourdough miche using the technique crumb bum introduced a couple of years ago.

I've not cracked this one open yet.  I'm looking forward to it.

Actually this wasn't the end of the baking, because I also made corn bread muffins to go with the pot of green tomato chili I made, which was awesome.  Followed up by some of the remaining birthday cake Dorota made.  It is a pity that baking season comes at a different time than prime bicycling season here, because after a day like today I could certainly use the exercise!


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The baguette crumb looks really nice, even if you did slice it before it cooled.


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And, echoing David, the baguettes look terrific! I love the golden crust colour you got. Perhaps you should consider making one that could serve as the "standard baguette" that could be sent to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in France. They already got the standard meter, but no baguette as of yet (I think).

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... the Anis Bouabsa baguettes this weekend, but mine are nothing to blog about, not yet - yours look great!

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My next project for sure, not until next week though, looks perfect!


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    to enjoy baking and this wonderful creation you have made for us all to share. I have noticed in the past year(?) you have had much on your plate. It is a pleasure to see you having time to smell the roses for a change. Life's short....make bread, enjoy your family. When things are crappy around us, it is good to see people enjoy what they do. Happy baking!



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I have been very busy, though to my defense much of that has been smelling the roses: hikes to the waterfalls here, rafting trips, teaching my daughter to both ride a bike and swim this summer, helping my son excel at reading and finding trees for him to climb.  So while I do miss hanging around the house and baking, I haven't be squandering my time!